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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

(almost) wordless wednesday: oxford

I can't help but want to share these pictures.  There is almost nothing I love more than an old university town.  I may not be a student anymore, but those were great years, and sometimes I miss them.  I mean, not everything, but learning new things and discussing literature and writing essays.... it was fun.  I still really want to take my husband to visit my old university town some day (maybe this year?), but for now, we'll both just love Oxford.

 There's just something about the energy in a student town that I find so appealing.  I know that for the students, tourists are so annoying (although I never really minded them back when I was a student... for some reason, I enjoy giving directions and didn't even mind the few times when they would take pictures of us).  I really do my best to convince Sam we need to visit Scotland and my old university, because nothing beats Scotland, but Oxford comes pretty close.  It has awesome history, fun stores, and so many gorgeous views.  It's been one of my favorite places to visit, although yes, I will say Cambridge is a close second.  (Or maybe even better, but only because I have friends there which makes the experience so much more fun.  In fact, I can't wait until next month when I get to go visit friends there again.)  In any case, easy access to places like this makes all the hassle of living here worth it.  (Except maybe visa hassle.  I'm not sure anything is worth that.  Oh, well.) 

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  1. Aloha! I love how old the buildings are. You can just tell even the building have beautiful stories to tell. I'm finishing up in college and I really wish I would have done a study abroad so that I could have attended a university like this one. I'll just be a tourist now, but try to not look like one.