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Friday, October 11, 2013

five on friday

I thought I would try this again this week.  Mostly because Friday seems like a good day to make a list, because oh, lists are so fun for me for some reason. 


1.  Tomorrow, Sam and I are going out with friends, and I am worried it will be incredibly awkward.  Because they're not really friends...just...people we know who I guess tomorrow we'll know better because we're going to spend several hours alone with them.  I love being out with friends, when they're the kind of friends who you can talk about anything with or sit quietly and it's never awkward, but tomorrow won't really be like that, so I'm dreading it a little.  Sam keeps suggesting we do something like go see a movie so we don't need to talk too much. 

2. I've been looking for new books to read, because our library has a terrible selection.  You also need to pay when you reserve something, which is stupid.  Today I reserved Longbourn because it has mostly good reviews on Goodreads, which is my go-to place for book reviews now.  And I'm a fan of the cover.  I always judge books by their covers, I'm ashamed to admit, and it only sometimes has led me astray.  I'm number fourteen on a wait list for it, though, so it must be popular.  (Is this really a good thing?... I'll say yes.) 

3.  Because I can't miss an opportunity to talk about the weather, I've been really, really happy this week that it's finally cold and rainy like autumn should be.  I've gone on several walks with Sam, and each time, he questions whether this is really the nicest weather.  I guess to him nice weather means sunny, warm days, but really, nice weather is actually when it's cold and might rain and you need to wear several layers.

4.  Last week, my sister turned 18, and that seems impossibly old to me.  I can't really believe she's that grown up...when I was her age I was off at university, and somehow, imagining her going to university (which will happen next year) is so bizarre.  

5.  Because of the rainy, cold weather, Sam asked for soup yesterday, and I tried corn chowder.  This is a family favorite, but I sort of made up the recipe as I went along.  It was really good.  Since getting married, I've realized that soups are probably my favorite thing to make, because they're so easy and last for a while and we can reheat them easily on a second or third day.

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