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Monday, October 28, 2013


Loving this time of year (Halloween! Pumpkins!) and sorta this weather.  Heavy storms are pretty awesome, when you don't need to leave the house and nobody gets hurt.  I also Skyped with my family last night, and got to spend some time hearing about my cousins' Halloween costumes (and plenty of knock-knock jokes) and surprising them with the information that I'll be there for Thanksgiving.  It was fun to catch up with everyone, not just my immediate family.   

Reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer because I have a slight addiction to YA fiction.  My mom also recommended that I read How to Create the Perfect Wife by Wendy Moore, which I've just started.  It's fascinating and disturbing.  It's the kind of book you want to keep reading bits out loud from to your husband.  (He loves that.) 

Listening to Red Sox games (we're a few days behind) and wondering how soon is too soon for Christmas music.  I guess October is too soon, but can I start in November?  Maybe. 

Watching the first three seasons of Arrested Development.  We still haven't seen the newest one.  And those three seasons are still hilarious.  I love Buster and GOB.  I'm also considering catching up with the newest season of Modern Family.  I didn't enjoy the last few episodes of last year, so we stopped, but maybe I'll try it again.    

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and the start of holiday season.  I really love November and the anticipation of Christmas and the glorious weather.  This November is going to be even better because I'll be traveling, seeing friends, and spending time with my family.  I can't wait until my cousin's wedding, even though I'm not looking forward to all the flying.  But I'm excited to meet her fiance, see my dad's side of the family for the first time in ages, and spend some one-on-one time with my sister.  

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