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Saturday, November 9, 2013

autumn leaves

Autumn happens pretty gradually here, so even now, trees are just starting to turn and leaves have only just started falling off.  It kind of drags the season on a little, but I love getting the chance to enjoy it for longer.  This week brought many rainy days (today brought thunderstorms and pouring rain, for example) and fireworks to celebrate Bonfire Night.  When we're feeling lazy (and it's wet out) we enjoy our flat's location even more, because we could see fireworks from our window.  It might be a really lame way to celebrate, but it was raining outside and we got to stay warm and dry, so I don't care.


  1. I love Autumn! Your pictures are pretty. I am also guilty of watching fireworks out of the window. I just love them too much! x

  2. Lovely photos! I love autumn too, it's probably my favorite season :)

    Bridging the Gap