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Monday, November 11, 2013

our weekend & looking forward to christmas


Last week was pretty great.  I finally got a new phone, some friends got great news, I planned out my upcoming trip to America (finally sorted out train tickets and rides from the airport, amongst other things) and our electricity providers (who have been overcharging us for a year) finally reduced our prices and are sending us a refund for the several hundred pounds they owe us.

Today I'm going to look for some little presents to bring my young cousins as Christmas presents when I visit.  It will be the first time I go into some of the tourist shops by the seafront, so I don't really know what they have, but if it's all really terrible, I'll just get some chocolate.  Everyone with taste buds prefers British/European chocolate, right? 

I also got sucked into a world of Christmas decorations and ideas on Pinterest.  It might be a little early, but I don't care.  I love savoring the lead-up to Christmas, so I'm absolutely going to.  We can't really afford a lot of decorations, but we got some as presents last year and I'm so excited to get them out again.  I'm forcing myself not to do it until I get back from my trip, though, so I'm really just living vicariously through Pinterest pictures. 

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