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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Sam likes to play the drums.  He left behind his expensive, well-used drum set when we moved to London, and I know he misses it.  I've mentioned before that he plays the piano at church now (and he is so much better than when he first started, it's incredible... especially because we don't have a piano for him to practice on), but it's just not the same as drums.  We found some online last year and, on a whim, decided to buy them.  Unfortunately, our downstairs neighbors hated them.  Sam only really played once.  

But then, they suddenly moved out, and since nobody has taken their place, Sam has been playing the drums daily.  It's so fun.  Luckily, they're electronic and so when he uses headphones, all I hear is light tapping (which was too much noise for the neighbors).  We tried to sell them months ago and it never happened, so hey, at least now they're not sitting there uselessly.  And he gets to pick back up where he was years ago (though he thinks he has a lot of practicing to do). 

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