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Monday, November 4, 2013

weekend bits

On Saturday, Sam had to go to a mobility shop in town to get some pieces for the fake clinic he's running on his placement.  (Well, I suppose it's a real clinic, just run by two students.)  We had to go to two different places looking for the things he needed, but luckily the second store had everything.  They were very nice, even though they had to charge us the VAT price because neither of us is disabled.  Afterwards, we went to the fruit and veg shop across the road from the mobility store, because Sam has decided that is where we should buy all our produce from now on.  So we got some stuff for this week and thought about getting dried pineapple as well (because Sam loves it) but couldn't figure out how to take some.  (We should probably have just asked, but we are both bad at that.) 

(autumn leaves and trees in town)

This morning, I helped him take everything he needed into the hospital.  It's quite a nice walk, through a nice bit of town we rarely visit.  All of a sudden, it's cold enough for winter coats, which is another reason I love November.  It's still gorgeous and fall-like outside, but with even chillier weather.  Perfect stuff for a weekend.

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