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Saturday, November 2, 2013


 (pictures from last November)

I love Saturdays because I get to have long stretches of time with just my husband.  We joke that everything we do together is a date, because it's the two of us one-on-one, and that means we go on loads of dates, since it is usually just the two of us doing most things.  Anyway, despite that, it's really fun sometimes to go on an actual date, like with a meal out or dressing up or holding hands. We just started watching Sherlock, and it's fun to have a new show to talk about.  (Everyone has been recommending it to us for ages, but we've been reading all the stories first, in order, which makes the show even more fun.  It's pretty clever the way they combine like three or four stories into one plot line for the sake of a more interesting television experience.  Some of the stories are pretty straightforward.  Then last night, we were reading one of the last stories, and Sam suddenly said, "I never really changed how I thought of Sherlock even when I saw the new movies, but suddenly all I can picture is Benedict Cumberbatch" so...I guess that's a recommendation for his acting?  Even if Sam thinks he looks like an alien.  Also, apparently I have a lot of thoughts about Sherlock, sorry.) 

The point is, I like Saturdays, and today it is so nice out and we have some errands to run which means maybe afterwards I can convince Sam to go walk along the seafront with me.  And I'm excited for the new series of Sherlock to start up.  (Sam watched all sorts of Sherlock movies as a child, and I had basically no interest in Sherlock until a year or so ago when we decided to read the stories.  They're actually pretty fun, even if that Watson is incredibly dense and mostly annoying.  And oh, if I read the word "singular" one more time, I may give up entirely.) 

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