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Friday, January 31, 2014

currently: list making


Lists are always my favorite things, so here we go.

Loving:  that it's finally the last day of January!  This month has felt like an eternity.  And now it is finally almost over, so... good.

Reading: books by Connie Willis.  I started with the Doomsday Book and have now moved onto To Say Nothing of the DogThe Doomsday Book was pretty good, and I mostly enjoyed it (enough to read another book by her), but I couldn't really get over how old-fashioned Oxford was in 2054.  Nobody even had mobile phones!  I mean, she only wrote it in 1992.  Did nobody have email or phones or anything then?  Weird.

Thinking about: life plans, specifically what we'll do when Sam's course ends.  He's been planning out the test he needs to take to qualify, and where to look for a job, but first he has to finish up his dissertation.  He started interviews this week, so finally collecting some data.  It'll be amazing when he isn't a student anymore.  We're also having fun thinking about some last minute trips around the UK we might take.  There are so many places to see, we really can't narrow it down. 

Making me happy:   So many things.  February, clear days in between all the rain, running by the sea, reading books.  Basically being outside on those rare nice days, and enjoying the fact that we're not having a miserable, freezing winter like everywhere in the US. (Just a very rainy one.)

Bring on February!  And maybe like one day of snow?  That would be perfect. 

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