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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love the winter, I really do, but all the stormy, gray weather we've been experiencing has made it hard to want to write down anything at all.  All we want to do is bundle up and sleep until spring.  Or something like that.  We've been spending our time watching the new season of Sherlock (and now being depressed that it's already over, after a really great episode three), reading new books (Sam bought me the Luminaries by Eleanor Catton) and getting back into our regular routine.  Sam has a final placement lined up -- after many, many emails and failed attempts -- and he doesn't even have to move to London to do it.  There are lots of things to look forward to, like weddings and the play tickets we got for Christmas, and the weather improving.  But on the bright side, we're not piled under feet of snow, and today was bright and sunny.

(Although maybe some snow would be nice.  Just to feel like it's really winter, and not just a never-ending season of freezing rain.)

The rain is nice for a little while, but the wind was so strong that the sign tied to the railings outside our flat that was advertising a rental property snapped off one night and completely disappeared.  The bins our now tied down with rope, thanks to some thoughtful neighbor, and we know many people who went without electricity over the holidays.  Luckily that was never us.  And on a sunny day like today, even January seems pretty great. 

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