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Saturday, May 31, 2014


I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy last week, something I've been looking forward to.  I'm so excited for this baby to arrive, but right now I'm realizing I shouldn't wish this pregnancy away.  The next few months hold all kinds of challenges and stresses -- dissertations, job hunting, moving -- and right now I'm happy for time to move slowly.  I want to use time well, and I'm torn between reading all the books everyone tells me I won't have time for soon and getting things accomplished.

We found out that our baby is growing well and is definitely a boy.  I'm so excited and pleased to be having a son.  It's kind of surreal honestly, to think of an actual human person that will join out family in October, but that's another kind of freak out.  I also vacillate between being excited to be finally looking pregnant and being a little depressed about it.  It's something that will forever baffle me, that becoming pregnant suddenly allows people to comment on your weight and size like it's normal and socially acceptable.  I wish I were more confrontational because I always just let it slide and laugh when people say rude or awkward things.

Our time lately seems to be spent arguing about what to name this boy.  It's sort of ridiculous being unable to compromise, but I think we might (sort of) be getting there.  Last night Sam felt the baby kicking for the first time, which was fun.  Sometimes the baby moves so much it's sort of bizarre...I hadn't realize how strong it was, when it's still so tiny. 

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