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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I was looking at my phone the other day and I realized there were several little day trips I've done recently and I never got around to sharing any of the pictures.  One was a simple afternoon walk along the Cuckmere River and another was a day spent at Bodiam Castle.  Most of our conversations lately have revolved around job hunting and preparing for our baby, so sometimes it's nice to go somewhere different and take our mind off all the upcoming upheaval. 

The top three pictures are all from Bodiam Castle.  I'd highly recommend visiting there.  It's in ruins on the inside, but they have lots of interesting information and we even got to hear two different talks while we were there.  They were both about women in medieval times and they were both fascinating.  On the bottom row, the first picture is looking out across some fields near the castle.  I love English fields more than almost any other view, especially at this time of year.  I love the yellow rapeseed and the hedgerows and the variety of greens.  The last two pictures were on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon spent at the river Cuckmere.  We walked along in until we came to the spot where it flows into the sea, which is such a cool sight.  I love the white cliffs of the downs, especially on bright sunny days, and I've never actually follower a river all the way to the sea before. I'd definitely recommend that, too. 

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