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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 Last week the heat was really overpowering.  I'm not really a summer person, so I was sort of dragging myself around, hating everything and complaining a bit, and wondering how on earth it could be so hot in June, until I finally checked the temperature and was shocked at how low it was (only like 20C)!  Sam says I can blame pregnancy (as I do for all things now) but seriously, how will I ever move to somewhere with actual hot summers if temperatures that low make me want to lie in a dark, cool room by myself all day? 

I managed to almost enjoy myself this weekend, though, especially when it got a bit cooler on Sunday.  I told Sam his pre-Father's day present was me not wasting money on a present or a card, because he really hates wasting money on cards, so there you go.  It was a fun day, anyway, especially when some friends has us over for fajitas and then a few hours later made scones and we had a nice cream tea (minus the tea or any other beverage, really).  Sam thought the clotted cream was a bit gross, and eventually just ate his scones with jam, but clotted cream is one of those things I might have cravings for once we're back in the US.  I think it's delicious.  We've also spent plenty of time watching the World Cup, or at least (for me) listening to it while trying to fall asleep at 12 o'clock.  I did stay awake for yesterday's US-Ghana match, which was a bit excruciating.  It's so much easier watching teams you don't care about at all.  Sam is definitely enjoying it all, though, except when I talk about how by the next World Cup we'll have a little boy who'll be almost four.  Scary stuff.  For now we're still hoping for a good job opportunity, and starting to get sick of filling out applications.  He'd make a really good employee, if someone would just hire him.  So that will probably be our summer: trying to enjoy the heat and pregnancy without worrying too much about our future and where we'll be one year from now.  It has been really nice to be here for two years, and I can't wait to be settled somewhere a bit more permanently.  (Moving is awful.) 

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