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Friday, July 25, 2014

open windows

In the summertime, we open all our windows to let a breeze in and try to keep our flat from being completely miserable.  (Being pregnant in this heat though, I'm not sure it's really working.)  Letting the breeze in lets all kinds of other things in, though, like our neighbour's music or another neighbour's cigarette smoke and conversation.  I sort of love lying in bed at night hearing our neighbours gossip away.  It makes you feel a bit more connected to the rest of the world, even when you're inside.  We constantly hear the birds, who are all incredibly loud, the trains pulling into the station, station announcements, and other traffic noises.  (And as I was writing this, an alarm somewhere started going off... and it is really annoying.)

I sort of love this about summer, how open your house is and how loud the rest of the world suddenly becomes.  (Although I do miss having screens in the windows to keep bugs out.)  There's not a lot else that I love about summer... I find myself daydreaming about being pregnant in the winter, when being hotter than usual might actually be an advantage and I could pile on the layers.  Instead I drink lots of ice water and take cool showers at night and remind myself that it isn't really long to go at all, in the grand scheme of things.  I can make it through. 

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