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Monday, July 28, 2014

oh july

So it is basically August, which is a month I've been looking forward to and dreading for what feels like years.  But it obviously has not been that long.  Partway through August, Sam will have to hand in his dissertation, which means that early August will basically be dedicated to writing and editing and stressing and hating being a student.  And then it will be all over, at least for a little while, while we put it out of our minds and wait for the results. 

But it's getting hard for me, because basically all I think about right now is being pregnant.  I can't help it.  I've sort of passed the enjoying pregnancy stage and entered the when will this end stage, which is a bit worrying as it isn't actually August, yet, and I have to make it to the beginning of October.  Or maybe the end of September.  Right now, that sounds like a long time.  There is still a lot to love about pregnancy, number one being that hopefully at the end I will get a baby, bu the heat is definitely hard for me.  This morning we had cool temperatures and plenty of rain and it was glorious, but now it is over and it wasn't really that long.  I guess I should remember those endless rainy days early in the year and be grateful for the sun, but I really love rain.  Especially when pregnant in July. 

Over the weekend we attended a little BBQ with some friends, and the views were amazing. There were animals roaming everywhere and delicious food and ruined castles just around the corner and even the heat was almost nice.  (Except on the endless bus ride there.)  I get a lot of comments from random women about the one time they were pregnant in the summer, and it was the hottest summer on record, etc etc... so clearly, I am not the only one who sometimes wishes it was timed differently.  But my complaining is all light-hearted, I swear, because mostly I am so happy to be pregnant and excited for this little boy.  I love how much he moves around, even when it freaks Sam out, and I have happy images of an active little boy running around and enjoying the outdoors a few summers from now.

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