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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

this week

So I'm in the final countdown stage of this pregnancy, because we have a sort-of induction date coming up soon.  Last week it felt like I saw all sorts of doctors, Sam submitted a load of job applications (and has two interviews lined up), and did his best to readjust to being in the US at the beginning of the week.  On Wednesday Sam went to try on his tuxedo for the wedding, and it was a good thing he did, because his trousers were about two inches too short.  We'd submitted the measurements ourselves because we were in England, and clearly I am unable to measure things properly.  Luckily they were able to fix it the next day, so everything was fine in the end.  We had dinner with his family on Thursday night, after several doctor appointments at the hospital where everything looked fine, so we all got caught up and learned about his brother's plans for the next few years.

Friday my new phone arrived and I played with that until we headed out to the wedding rehearsal, which was interesting.  The woman in charge was a bit intense, and apparently their rules are pretty set -- only the best man was allowed to stand next to the groom, so the other groomsmen are supposed to just sit in the front row, even though the bride wanted them all standing.  Afterwards, we put up a few decorations in the chapel (because no one was using it in between the rehearsal and the actual wedding the next morning) and then went to the rehearsal dinner, where Sam and I got to sit with another friend of his from high school and the friend's wife, along with the sister of the bride and her boyfriend.  The boyfriend had his cute four-year-old son with him, and kept warning us of all the fun of parenthood that lies before us (i.e., never sleeping).

Saturday was the actual wedding day and it was lovely.  Sam got up pretty early to go eat breakfast with other wedding party people, and then they got ready together, since the photographer was going to get some shots of that.  I got to sleep in a little more because the best man's fiancee offered to give me a ride to the wedding when it actually started, as opposed to like four hours early, which was really nice of her.  The wedding was gorgeous and we really enjoyed the reception.  Afterwards, we went to another friend's house to play games and eat pizza.  One of Sam's friends brought his three-month-old baby along, so we got to play with him and pick up some tips.

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  1. A lovely summary of your week! Is this week the week of your induction? If so, good luck!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx