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Friday, September 12, 2014

two more weeks

This is the week of the million doctor appointments (well, six, but that's really a lot) and Sam suddenly realizing that two weeks is really soon to have a baby and suddenly everything will change, and how do you actually bathe them?  Sam is job-hunting and excited about seeing friends again, and we have a wedding to go to this weekend that will probably be our last no-baby outing ever.  By which I mean the last outing where we don't have to worry about babysitters or bringing the baby with us and all those logistics that we started to talk about today. 

At a doctor's appointment yesterday, the doctor suggested I have an ultrasound in two weeks and then an induction the next day, which means we're looking at having a baby two weeks from today, September 26.  I mean, unless I am in labor for days, like my cousin who had a little boy a few days ago.  So we're spending time with family (we even got to see Sam's brother and his wife yesterday, visiting Boston for this wedding), friends, and trying to imagine how our lives will change with a baby, but sort of coming up blank.  It's impossible to imagine, really, especially when so many other things are changing, too.  Here we are in Boston, Sam has two job interviews next week, and our lives could go in so many different directions, I have no idea what the next year will look like.  Hopefully it will include a job that Sam likes and a healthy baby, since right now those are the two main things we spend our time thinking about.  The baby has somewhere to sleep in our room, two drawers full of clothes, diapers and some blankets.  I have a backpack stuffed with things I might need at the hospital (who knows what I'll actually use) just in case an earlier appointment ends with induction, or I go into labor on my own.  The only thing we're missing is a car seat, and that should arrive soon.  

I saw the first pictures I'd ever seen of Sam as a newborn, born at over 6 pounds at 35 weeks with his brother measuring exactly the same.  They were tiny and cute anyway, even if that seems like a lot of baby to be carrying around (it definitely was), and this baby is measuring around 6 pounds at 36 weeks, so we'll see how accurate that is when he's actually born.  His sister was born with lots of dark hair and when I dreamed about the baby last night, he had red hair and full cheeks like my brother did when he was little.    

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