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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life lately

Oh these weeks are going so quickly! I'm still not getting loads of sleep, but Oliver is such a good baby, who would mind waking up to his ridiculous grunts? Not me. Sam had a week of training this week which meant his schedule was a bit different and he had a long commute because it took place at his company's head office and not his usual work place. We spent last weekend finally putting up Halloween decorations and then attending a church party that Sam was a bit annoyed by. Oliver slept  through the whole thing so we didn't even get to show off his cute costume. Then on  Sunday my aunt came to  visit  with her two youngest, who got to hold Oliver for the first time. They also spent a while plying games with Sam,  because they adore him.

Oliver and I went on loads of walks this week, did some baking and cooked diners, did many loads of laundry and gave him several baths. He had his first bottle and loved it, so maybe I can leave him with my parents sometime soon. We visited my aunt on Friday and did some baking and ate delicious Pad Thai for lunch. Yesterday we did some chores (I mowed the entire lawn!) and ran errands. I visited a fabric store with my mom and found something cute that I'm going to use to decorate Oliver's room.

(Top row of photos: Oliver on a walk, fabric shopping, nursing. Bottom row: taking selfies together, playing in the morning, watching him sleep in his swing.)


  1. Oh! Oliver is adorable. Great photos, Sounds like a good week, even if he did sleep through Halloween. :-) #TWTWC

  2. busy week, I'm making the most of the nice weather with lots of Autumn walks too #TWTWC

  3. Oh my gosh! You're doing so well! I spent the first few months of Busby's life sat on the sofa watching boxsets and staring at her haha! I'm not sure Nick ever got made dinner ;) Well done you :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx