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Thursday, November 13, 2014

right now

As much as I miss England, there are so many nice things about living back in Boston. We are surrounded by family who adore Oliver, we get to enjoy a gorgeous autumn, we can work legally (just to name a few things). We keep noticing weird things about the US (there are stores everywhere! The hospitals are like hotels, etc) but mostly I am really happy. Right now, Oliver is so cute and cuddly and losing that newborn look, something I thought I would be sad about, but how can I be when it means he interacts with us and gives plenty of joyful, perfect baby smiles? He is so much fun. If he slept just a bit more, everything would be perfect.

I take way too many pictures of Oliver because I can't seem to stop myself. I can't wait for all the things coming up: Thanksgiving, introducing Oliver to my sister, Christmas, seeing Oliver learn even more new things. He already makes everything more fun. 

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