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Sunday, December 21, 2014

our week

December is all about Christmas for me. This week especially. On Monday, Sam and I did some shopping that was pretty unsuccessful. We went to a few stores and basically ended with one book, partly because we didn't have a stroller or carrier for Oliver with us, so he had a hard time sleeping and was a bit fussy and overtired. On Tuesday, Sam has training and so came home a little early. We had pizza with my brother and he packed up the car to drive back to Toronto for the rest of the week. On Thursday I had some friends over, and Oliver and I went for a long walk. As much as I love snow, these cold, clear days are perfect for being outside so I'm enjoying that. My sister came home from college on Friday and on Saturday, we had a family Christmas party with my mom's sisters. My aunt Laura helped me decorate some sugar cookies I made for the youth class that Sam and I teach on Subday and they were delicious. On Sunday we visited Sam's parents for a little early Christmas celebration with them.

I can't wait now for Christmas this week and all the fun that will happen as my brother, sister and I are together for the first time since my wedding. Plus a friend is visiting from Germany.

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