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Monday, December 29, 2014

three months

I'm only a little late with this, because last week was just so busy. Oliver is three months old now and so much fun. He smiles and coos and has discovered his hands. He loves sucking his fingers and playing with his hands. He still loves eating, but now hates bottles. He also still loves baths and lying on his back and getting attention. He's at his happiest in the mornings and after diaper changes, when I lie him in the bed and play with him.  He sleeps really well, just not on his own, and loves being held basically all the time. Oliver spits up constantly, so we both smell like sour milk all the time, but he gives extra big smiles after spitting up, so I don't even mind. He is so happy and sweet and we love him so much. His chubby legs and huge, soft cheeks are my very favorite. He has the most beautiful coloring with his bright blue eyes and dark hair. This age is so much fun, I want it to last forever, but I'm sure Oliver will be fun at every age.

We think he is the chubbiest, cutest, happiest and best baby around. Here's to many, many more months. 

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