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Sunday, January 11, 2015

a few things

This week was so quiet compared to the past month or so. It started last Sunday, when both my brother and sister returned to college. It feels weird now not having them close by, and it makes me look forward to hopefully spending more time with them this summer, when they're back home for a while. I was sick basically all last week, too, and so far haven't passed it on to Oliver. I hope it stays that way, since he still seems too little to be sick.

top: playing in the morning, cold weather baking, grumpy looks
bottom: hating tummy time, NYE hat, dressed by Sam for church 

Last Monday I had some blissful time to myself. My biggest worry about both marriage and motherhood is that I am a massive introvert, and I love being alone. I love Oliver so much, but I'm with him 24/7 and so right now even a shower is something I look forward to since I get to be alone. So on Monday, since it's Sam's day off, I used the excuse of needing to return a book that my brother had borrowed (with my card) to the library and took off for about an hour. It was so great. I'd love to have several more babies since Oliver is so cute and happy and still the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I sometimes dream about the next stage of life, namely kids who are more independent and having some time to myself now and then. But with that said, Sam was complaining about never getting any snuggles from Oliver right now, and having a sleeping baby in your arms is worth giving up all that alone time I used to have. Besides, Oliver has the best smile and laugh, and I love being able to make him laugh when we play games or just by catching his eye.

The other reason it was a particularly quiet week was that it was freezing outside. It also kept flurrying, just enough so that it was too icy and snowy to take Oliver out on walks. Instead we stayed in and read plenty of books, watched some Gilmore Girls, drank hot chocolate and took a few more trips to the library (Oliver in tow this time,).

On Friday, we had a second New Year's Eve party with some friends. Once again, Oliver didn't sleep much, but he was still so well-behaved, totally happy being passed around, spitting up profusely, and sucking on his hands. We played celebrities and made hats and then Oliver slept in on Saturday morning until about 11:40, giving me some extra hours alone.

Right now, Sam is watching yet another American football game, and then we're about to make pizza for dinner. Pretty good end to the week, especially since the Pats won last night.

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  1. I hear you on the introvert worries - I'm so glad you managed to have some alone time :) It's so important isn't it?

    Those cookies look delicious :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx