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Friday, January 23, 2015

four months

Another month. I can't believe we've passed the three month mark and it's becoming obvious that he's going to just keep on growing. Weird how that happens. Oliver is definitely getting a personality. He laughs at all sort of random things, like someone shaking out a trash bag or random sounds or the sight of himself in the mirror. He still loves baths and I'm thinking of taking him swimming sometime soon, because I'm sure he'd love it. He loves, loves, loves sucking on his fingers and any toy he can get to his mouth, and gets frustrated when he drops toys instead of getting to suck on them. He loves being held so he can look around, has started to love watching kids or other babies play, and he loves games like balancing on my legs to do some pretend flying, being startled or tickled or sung to, or the classic peekaboo with his blanket.

At four months, Oliver's hair is growing back in, his eyebrows are so expensive, and he has rolls all over. He is such a happy little baby and I love him so much. He's still spitting up constantly and eating all the time. He's just about only in size 3-6 month clothes, although he still wears some of his smaller sized leggings. He has a sharp shriek for when he is bored or frustrated or displeased, and also the best giggle - head thrown back and everything - for what he finds amusing. This baby stage is so much fun...I guess he can keep on getting older.

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