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Sunday, January 25, 2015

our week

January is kind of a long month. I mean, surely it should be over by now? I keep getting sick and worrying over giving it to Oliver, and it's so cold that it's hard to leave the house, and my skin is really dry, and then on Saturday we got so much beautiful snow and that kind of made me like January again.

top: Oliver at 4 months, his new highchair
bottom: snowy day, Oliver's sweater (made by his grandma) 

Last weekend we spent the night at my in-law's since the roads were pretty icy and dangerous on Sunday night. We played phase 10 and ate chicken pot pie so it made for a pretty good time. On Monday, my aunt came over with her kids and they had fun climbing on Sam and playing computer games with him. We are chilli for dinner and it was delicious. The rest of the week was kind of boring - Oliver turned four months old, we had some slightly warmer days that I took advantage of by going out for walks with him, and I started getting another cough around mid-week. He also had an unbelievable diaper, the kind that require two baths to recover from. On Friday we had a nice trip to IKEA. Oliver was so well-behaved and happy. He sat in his car seat almost the whole time, sucking his fingers and getting loads of attention. We got the cheap, popular IKEA high chair for him (exciting!) and some other things, and no one got mad or cried or anything.

Saturday we got loads of snow; making the roads dangerous for Sam going to work but beautiful for the rest of us. We set up the high chair and stuck Oliver in it for fun (even though we won't start solids for a little longer) and began the process of moving Oliver into his own room. Maybe.


  1. LOVE Ikea :) The antilop rocks! Chicken pot pie sounds amazing, and it looks like you're having some awesome weather over there!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. Love Oliver's knitted jumper. He is darling. :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx