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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

five months

Coming up on almost half a year already! How did that happen? Why do I say the same things every month? Maybe eventually it will stop surprising me that he keeps getting bigger.

At five months Oliver is so social and happy. He loves people and getting attention and being held. He throws his head back with a big wide mouthed smile and then sticks his fingers in his mouth when he's particularly pleased with something. He loves sucking on his fingers and recently decided that he also loves sucking on everyone else's fingers, too, so he'll lunge forward, mouth wide open, whenever he sees something he wants in his mouth. It hasn't quite progressed to him grabbing actual food, yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon. He loves bouncing in his old, semi-gross exersaucer. He loves standing up, being sung to, given attention on any way, and swinging. I can't wait to introduce him to playground swings when the weather warms up in a month or two. He has the cutest way of getting very determined and making growling/grunting sounds as he tries to pick something up. He still makes amazing faces with his expressive eyebrows. His hair is fluffy and dark in some places, almost blonde in others, and it sticks straight up on top. His eyes are the most gorgeous blue. He cries when he gets frustrated with something or when he's hungry or tired but other than that he is so easy-going and cheerful.  I love the way he will slowly bring his thumb up to his mouth and then stick it in (even if we don't really want him to be a thumb-sucker...but, oh, well). Sometimes he puts up with tummy time for a while now, but he still isn't exactly rolling over much. He sits up in his high chair or on our laps really well, though, and I'm sure he'll be sitting on his own before too much longer.  It's just all going so quickly, and it is even better than I ever imagined. 

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