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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

in like a lion

The other day I told someone that I sort of feel like it has been winter my entire life.  I mean, I remember it was hot when I moved back to Boston and I slept with a fan and then it was fall and we only started getting a lot of snow pretty recently, but seriously, it is just so much that it is sort of overwhelming. I bet everyone not in Boston is sick of hearing about snow, but we're sick of living with it, so we don't ever shut up about that. 

But really, it is March now, and eventually all that snow will disappear.  I keep trying to fix landmarks in my mind so we can tell stories about how high the snow was - "it covered those swings, Oliver!" we'll tell him years from now.  "It was as high as the porch, and over here, you couldn't even see out that window" And then we'll bore him with pictures and he'll think, "wow, you guys were so young" because that's you think when you see old pictures of people.  (We got another 1-2 inches of snow on Sunday night, which might be why we're still obsessing over it some more.)

I recently started running again.  It's been a long time, thanks to pregnancy and then having a baby just before winter.  I finally decided that the snow is here to stay for a while, so I used a treadmill (which I sort of hate, but it's pretty easy to get a quick run in on that). It makes me miss all the runs I used to take along the seafront back in Eastbourne.  It was the perfect running place... but the treadmill in a basement is fine for now, too.  This summer, though! I can't wait to introduce Oliver to the ocean. And grass and swings and sand and dirt and all the things he was too tiny to appreciate back in September.

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