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Saturday, March 28, 2015


The weeks have been going so quickly. Oliver is growing so much and keeps being able to do so much more than before. He is sleeping in his own room and doing really well at night, but naps are still pretty hit or miss. I can't even really remember how we've been filling our days. At least the snow is starting to melt, so we have our sidewalks back. That means I can take Oliver outside for long walks, and as soon as my aunt can retrieve the jogging stroller she lent to her friend, we can go for runs, too.  On Wednesday evening my dad watches Oliver while I did a yoga class and then we went for a walk together. I've been reading a lot, especially in my new found free time at night after Oliver is asleep.  Now that's he's 6 months old, we're going to do a little baby swim class, which I think he'll love.  Spring is slowly coming, but even after having two rainy days we woke up to more snow on Saturday. Not a lot, but still. This week also included baking banana bread, going on walks on the newly snowless sidewalks, trying to get Oliver to eat any sort of solid food (he just wants to do it himself, so that's what we're going with I guess), and a visit to the library.

top: daffodils equal springtime, sitting sort of and loving his toes 
bottom: eating banana, trying to get a good picture together 

Today we visited some friends who had some old baby clothes to give us. We brought them a loaf of banana bread in thanks. It is surprisingly fun to spend time with other people who have a young baby and understand all our first time parent questions and anxieties. We also went to Sam's parents for dinner and Sam got to spend an hour trying to get Oliver to take a nap. Sam also listened to a Red Sox game, so I guess that means baseball season has started. But at least that's another sign of spring. 


  1. six months! insane. Glad you are getting some you time though!

  2. I really enjoyed reading what you've been up to - I know what you mean about not really knowing how you fill your days. It's all a bit of a blur sometimes, isn't it?

    Oliver is simply gorgeous. :)

    Stopping by from #TWTWC

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. awwww I miss mine being that small - it passes far too quickly

  4. Banana bread for clothes seems like a great exchange :) I can't believe you still have snow! Oliver looks so grown up! It flies by doesn't it??

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx