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Saturday, March 28, 2015

six months

Half a year! Oliver has been here for half a year. This age is just so much fun, I'll be so sad to see it go. Lately Oliver has been so cheerful and smiley and happy. When I get him from his crib in the morning he gives this joyful full-body wriggle of excitement, like he's just so thrilled to see me. He still loves bath time, and starts to screech with excitement and wave his arm around when I get him ready for his bath each night. He is rolling over all the time now, so basically tummy time lasts about 30 seconds before he rolls onto his back.  He is pretty good at wriggling and scooting around on his back, so I'll glance away for a second and then he's suddenly several feet away from where I put him down on the floor.  He still has his 'machine-gun laugh' that he uses whenever he sees someone or something he likes (a bright green spatula my dad handed him once to suck on in his highchair is still his number one favorite toy) and he loves to lie on his back and rest his feet on a nearby chair or table leg or whatever else he can find (like the wall of the tube while he takes a bath).  He also loves lying on his side to play with his toys and kick his legs around when he's playing on the floor. 

He's eating real food, sort of.  He loves sucking on bananas but doesn't do too well holding on to them for long, and he's not necessarily a huge fan of anything pureed.  He's tried banana, sweet potato, green beans, and peas so far I think.  He can make a ridiculous mess out of anything, even a rusk.  His naps are still a mess, and his schedule is basically different every day, but he's such a great sleeper at night right now that I can't complain at all.  

His hair just seems to get fluffier and fluffier, and maybe will never lie down flat on his head. His eyes are still bright blue and he doesn't seem to be anywhere near getting teeth.  He can sort of sit up, for brief periods of time, but isn't that interested in doing anything than grabbing onto his toes when he suddenly sees them.  He babbles and screeches and laughs and screams and all his baby noises are just my favorite thing in the world.  He still spits up profusely and loves sucking his fingers and I still might be his favorite person, but he always lights up and laughs more when his dad is around.  He loves being swung around and tossed into the air, and as soon as the snow finally melts, we're going straight to the park to introduce him to swings.  He loves being outside and seeing new things and watching people intently.  He has started to notice the cat we have around the house temporarily, and hangs off the side of his high chair to stare at her as she eats next to him.  Six months seems sort of like one of those milestones to me, as he stops being a tiny baby and moves onto the next stage.  So I'm enjoying this last little while where he is immobile and still loves sleeping on me best of all, and is easily entertained with a silly voice or nursery rhyme. 

Six months with Oliver has been so much fun.  I  can't believe how much he has changed already.  The next six will probably be even better.

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