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Thursday, May 12, 2016

spring spring spring

Just last week the days were rainy and cold, and I wore wore all the layers I could. Then suddenly we turned a corner and bam, the sun was out, the leaves were out, and things here in Massachusetts are just a few weeks from full-on summertime (jungly, overgrown, way too hot).

So, from last week, when I introduced Oliver to splashing in puddles and created a dangerous new obsession with him, as he proceeded to spot every single puddle we ever passed from then until the end of time.

And above, on Mother's Day, when we went for a long walk to our favorite park. The only problem with this park is that there aren't any baby swings, but on Sunday we discovered it doesn't matter, because look who is grown up enough to sit and swing all by himself? You can't tell, but he really did hold on and not fall off even as we pushed him.

My husband freely admits that newborns and infants aren't his favorite, and he definitely dreaded it when I was pregnant. I used to dread the toddler stage. I know we're just beginning, but so far, it's pretty great. Tantrums and whining included. He's just so much fun when he's playing with trucks, making spice jars fly around like airplanes, or playing outside and finding all the sticks.

And now, from the sunny, perfect weather. Time for sand boxes, shorts, sandals, sunscreen and sweaty hair. Look at those brand new leaves. The gorgeous blossoms, huge flowers. So much beauty and change and maybe I'm already sick of applying sunscreen three days in, but I think it's worth it.

Oh and please note that playground picture, where he's pointing at the sky. Every time he hears a train or truck or airplane, he has to let me know. I can't wait to blow his mind when we actually get to ride an airplane ourselves (for the first time in his life! help!) next month.

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