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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We've never had a real family vacation, just the three of us. In fact, Sam and I have never had a vacation just the two of us (except right after we got married, I guess). But next week we're actually doing our first real, proper, actual vacation and going back to the UK for two weeks. My friend from uni is getting married in Scotland, so we'll be visiting Scotland (for the very first time for Sam and Oliver).

Lately we've enjoying the summery weather, especially the days that aren't too hot, making lists of things to do and see while we're away, and what we need to bring, and wondering how we're going to survive a 7 hour flight with a not-quite-two-year-old. What are the chances that he sleeps through the whole thing? (Slim to none, I'd say.)

Summer in Massachusetts means lots of bug spray and sunscreen, fans on all day and shorts and t-shirts and trying to make Oliver keep his hat on. We love going to our local pond and playing in the sand, though we haven't gone into the water that many times, so far.

 We love our peonies and teaching Oliver to smell the flowers, and visiting Grandma and Grandpa so that Oliver can ride his tricycle. His legs don't quite reach, so dad has to push him if he's ever going to go anyway. See below, also entitled, the benefits to a house on a dead-end street.

We love our sandbox and swings and Oliver would be happiest if we could spend all day, every day outside, regardless of the weather. It turns out that weather in Massachusetts can be a bit crap. I kept saying it would be hard winter, spending so much time inside, but it turns out that it's only early June, and I keep saying, "it's too hot to play outside". But we do it anyway, and then complain. (At least, I do.) The most important part is keeping out of the sun in the middle of the day, but that lines up nicely with Oliver's nap.

Most evenings, when Sam gets home from work, we walk to the park and play. Oliver has learned to love it all, even the slide, which he used to be a little unsure of. If one of us goes down with him, though, he's overjoyed. Sometimes he'll even do it alone.

He loves to have us walk to the park in his wagon. It's the wagon my siblings and I had growing up, and my dad fixed it up so that now we can use it with Oliver. It's so much fun, except sometimes he gets too excited to stay sitting down. He's in a major toddler vehicle craze right now, so he loves waving to trucks and cars and buses that go past. He runs to the window to look whenever we're inside and he hears a particularly loud one. I'm so excited to take him on a plane (for a little bit, at least), and see how he likes it. Plus the long train rides we have planned. Yeah, I'm sure it's all going to go so smoothly.

He's just so happy and sweet, still. He's still stubborn and bossy, and knows what he wants, but lately he's been so much fun. He's eating all kinds of new things, sleeping better, and having so much fun playing with his trains, stuffed fox, books, trucks, and all the things outside. I love the age he's at right now.

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