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Friday, September 2, 2016

every single year

I swear, every single year August is just the worst. It's way too hot and humid, and I hate going outside, and even being inside is miserable. I think Oliver hates sleeping in the heat, too, or at least, I'm really hoping that's what it is, because he went from great sleep while we were house sitting for friends with AC to just having terrible nights. And naps.

And every single year I find myself looking at weather reports, trying to remember when it will finally, finally get cold. I know not everyone cares about this as much as I do. It's so stupid, because it's not like hoping for it will speed it along. I'm really trying my bet to enjoy summer, anyway, even if hot, humid days are basically my nemesis.

But the good bits of summer. They're worth it.

I couldn't get close to getting anything that wasn't blurry. He loved running into the water, probably because my brother made it so fun for him. He also loved the sand. A lot. Too much, even.

He got absolutely filthy at the beach, rolling around in the sand. It was a nightmare to clean him off, but he loved it, so oh well.

This is summer. The sand, heat, sun, waves, staying out, family. I can use a little bit of summer every year. And Oliver has really, really loved it.

 And look at that face. We recently moved, so we're now doing our best to find every new playground and play group and story time in our new city, and Oliver has been enjoying this hunt.

So that was summer. Now can it be fall?

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