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Sunday, September 25, 2016

finally fall

We decided to kick-off our celebrations that it's finally fall this weekend with some perfect fall activities.

Look at those leaves. In the morning, we went for a little hike in the conservation land in the next town over. They had a small fall festival there, with a petting zoo, artwork, an apple cider press, and other things. I thought Oliver would love the petting zoo but he was a bit unsure around all the animals. The best part was the hike we went on down one of the trails. It was the first day where we needed sweaters and jeans and the air felt chilly. Oliver loved picking up leaves and rocks to carry around.

Then we went to an apple festival in our own town, where there was apple picking, hay rides, fire trucks, games, food, and all kinds of fun things. Oliver loved the hay ride, enjoyed the apple picking (mostly snacking on apples and looking out for the tractor that would drive by pulling the hay ride wagon behind it), and was thrilled to see a fire truck up close and get a fire hat of his very own. He's been obsessed with it ever since.

He loved carrying the apple bag around, although he definitely also liked picking apples up from the ground to put into the bag, so we had to keep an eye on him. It was really fun, though, especially because our apple-picking excursion last year happened before he turned one, and he wasn't quite old enough to enjoy it. I keep thinking about how next year he'll 'get' these kinds of things even more than he does not, but really, being two has been pretty great so far. (All four days of it.) I can't wait to see what changes this year for him. I'm thinking we still have lots of train and truck loving ahead of us.

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