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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

lately: enjoying the fall

I've been doing my best to enjoy all the fall weather we're having right now. This means especially on Saturdays, when I make Sam and Oliver go out and find fun fall things to do around town like I mentioned before. During the week, we do some fun things on our own (we took a little hike in the woods today!) and if I didn't hate the idea of a "fall bucket list", that would be what I'd call it. I love fall. I love the leaves, the cold weather, the sweaters and scarves and boots, getting blankets back out, drinking hot chocolate, looking forward to all the holidays to come. I want to let Oliver enjoy it all, too, so I'm trying hard to look for the fun in every season (but especially fall). 

We've been enjoying watching the leaves turn and walking in the crunchy leaves that have already fallen. It's a new neighborhood for us, and we're still learning our favorite walks, and the best places to visit for beautiful views. I miss our old town, sometimes, and the ease of walking around with lots of sidewalks, playgrounds, and old streets. 

The leaves are just beginning to turn. It's not quite peak leaf season, I think, but it will probably be here in a week or two. Some days it still gets too warm for sweaters and scarves, although the mornings are almost always delicious chilly. Even I can mostly enjoy that midday sun, though, and how easy is is to play outside right now. No heavy coats or snow getting in our way. 

So our rainy Saturday excursion. My mom had driven up for a few errands and asked if Oliver and I wanted to come along. It was a good excuse to get out the house on a rainy day, when we were a little bored and looking for something to do. Oliver go to wear his raincoat for the first time, and put those boots from last spring to good use again. It was pretty empty, probably due to the drizzly rain, so it was fun for Oliver to run and splash, and fun for me not to care. 

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