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Thursday, November 8, 2012


So, here's what's been making me happy recently:

- walks with my husband through fall leaves, especially walks where we visit used book stores and charity shops, searching for the perfect serving bowl

-  perfect chilly weather and drinking hot chocolate at home

- lunch with my friends

- getting a hair-cut!  I've been needing one for ages, but I just moved here, so didn't know where to go.  I've finally found a place, and I'm so excited, because my hair was getting ridiculous.  We won't talk about how long it was since it was last cut.  

- cleaning my house.  It was just reaching that point of needing to be done, so yesterday, I did all those small things (dishes, sweeping, tidying up, wiping down counters, taking out trash) that make you feel like your house is nice again.

- making plans to go home for Christmas.  My sister messaged me yesterday to let me know that it was snowing at home.  Ha!  I love snow, but not yet.  Maybe in a few weeks.  I'm still enjoying the fall.  So for now, I'm grateful that it isn't snowing here and I get to enjoy this season a little longer.

 - colored jeans.  I got my first pair and they are so fun.  They make my usual outfits feel just a bit more interesting, and I love it.

What things are making you happy?


  1. Very pretty photos!

    I found your blog through the Follow Me Maybe blog hop, and I'm now your new follower :)


  2. Colored jeans never fail to make me happy! And hot chocolate is so good this time of year, I had some this morning!

  3. Hi Rachel. I just found your blog via the Follow Me Maybe blog hop as well. I love a good walk among the leaves too! It's a great way to let my mind wander while absorbing the beauty!

    Project Lovegood

  4. What a beautiful life you are creating/ living. love.

    Stopping by to say "hi" and to follow along from the hop. I'd love it if you'd join me at localsugarhawaii.com where we're riding the wave of life one adventure at a time. AND... we've got the most beautiful team hosting An Aloha Affair this week and I'd so love to have you come grow with us. 'hope to see ya soon...


  5. I own 3 pairs of colored jeans and love every single one! They add just the right amount of "spice" to an outfit. I am looking for a perfect cobalt blue pair as we speak...