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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Oh, I love weekends.  Especially rainy, lazy Saturdays when it's your husband's turn to do the dishes and you can get back in bed several hours after getting up.  Sometimes, this part of life right now is kind of hard- it's hard to live in a country where I can't work legally, and it's hard to be in debt, and it's hard to have a tiny little flat and very little furniture and no car.  (But, I know, not that hard-- trust me, I do know that.)  So sometimes I forget how awesome our life is right now.  We get to sleep in when we want and spend all our days together.  I can meet my husband at his campus and go for walks and explore little shops.  He'll walk with me on the downs or on the beach.   

I know that in a few years, I'll be nostalgic for these days, days when we can do whatever we want, and spend hours sitting on the grass, or browsing through book stores.  These days when we don't really have a lot of responsibilities, and all the hard things aren't really that hard. 

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