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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My mother has been visiting us here in the UK for the past week, so I've been a little preoccupied, plus away from my computer for several days while we stayed in London.  London has always been my favorite city, and it was so nice to visit it again for a little while. Besides, I was staying with my mom, so the trip was (relatively) luxurious.  We stayed in South Kensington, right by my favorite museum, the Victoria & Albert.  I may or may not have visited it more than once.  But seriously, how great are free museums?  I love visiting my favorite rooms (the English Renaissance ones), seeing their free exhibits (ballgowns and photos from the Middle East right now) and also just admiring the building.  It's beautiful.

We also spent several hours at the National Portrait Gallery, another one of my favorites. We went there on Sunday, while massive celebrations for Chinese New Year were going on.  We got to see dancing and singing and then, as we left the museum at 6, we saw their fireworks.  Pretty cool. 

We got to eat delicious Indian food, and visit tiny boutiques and fun clothing stores.  We wondered through Soho and visited one of my mom's favorite stores, Liberty. 

We wandered through small streets, and even watched it snow a few more times.  (Sunday night and Monday morning.)  I even visited the Natural History museum, just for something diferent.  I forgot my camera, of course, so I only have bad phone pictures, but oh well.  I had a great time.  It was so nice to revisit my favorite places, from the Indian restraurant in a small side-street that my husband and I ate at several times last year, to my favorite stores and parks and places.  I miss London, but I'm lucky that I still live close enough that I can visit it regularly.



  1. Hey! I've just discovered your blog! It's great!
    I was just in London, at the V&Z and the Natural History museum! I was there on the 14th of Feb, and it was great! I really enjoyed it! :D