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Friday, February 1, 2013

the first of the month

Why, yes, it is finally February! I think that deserves a little celebration. February means all kind of good things, like the fact that it is no longer January. And this weekend will be pretty great. My mom is coming to visit, arriving early tomorrow morning, and then we'll be off to have some adventures around the south coast! She's even renting a car, so we really will be able to get around. What luxury!

This week was also pretty good because I read several great books, got some free food, and got some help for our never-ending visa problems. And I realized my husband is pretty awesome. He always tries to watch and eat things he knows I like, and he even brings home treats (this week, a pen and some chocolate). So overall, I am definitely pretty lucky.

Happy February and enjoy your weekend! What nice things happened to you this week?

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  1. Visiting from the blog hop and following you now. :)
    I lived in London many years ago; it's where I met my boyfriend (we're both American though), and London is still my favorite city. I was just daydreaming and looking at flats for rent in London yesterday! Not that we will be moving back. Just daydreaming... xo, Mary