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Thursday, April 25, 2013

around town

So since it has been so gorgeous lately, I find myself taking more pictures...except always with my phone, because do I ever have my camera with me? (Um, no.) In any case, here are some snapshots of life around my town. Mostly, they are some of my favorite sights, that I want to make sure I remember. I like to run past most of these places every morning, and the beach makes an excellent destination when I coerce my husband into taking walks with me.

seaside on a beautiful day. I really am coming to love those rocky beaches, and I'm a bit obsessed with photographing the pier. 

carpet gardens! the flowers are so bright and vibrant. // flags and sunny days equals summertime in my mind. 

one of the churches down the road from me...I pass it every day and think it's lovely. // and of course, I love how green it is. it's almost may, true, but this green pretty much never went away and just keeps getting better. 

the street market is back! I love this place. // is it obvious that I just really like pictures of flowers and summery things? because I definitely do.

this sign makes me laugh...even though it has been there for like a week, so it can't be true anymore. // and just our random statue! yup.

Okay, so, it is basically summer in my head, except not every day is actually warm enough. Still, when is a British summer ever hot  every day? I'm getting so excited for beach days and ice cream by the sea, and really, all things summer. But for now, these sunny days are pretty perfect.


  1. Found your blog through the blog hop! Would love a follow back!

    PS I'm dying to get to England some time soon!

    - Heather


  2. nice photos
    hope someday I'll go there

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  3. Aloha Rachel! I think you live in a beautiful place, or maybe I'm just obsessed with the idea of moving to England with my family :-) Where do you live exactly? Following you now! xoxo
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