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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

(almost) wordless wednesday

I have a really long to-do list today, but it's all stuff I keep putting off.  I really hate having to make phone calls and write uncomfortable emails, but I always feels so much better once it's finally done.  So why do I keep putting it off?  Who knows.

Today is rainy and cold, which actually, I love.  It's one of my favorite things about England, how I get to enjoy all kinds of weather.  Monday was hot and sunny, Tuesday was a bit chilly and sunny, and now today it is rainy and cold.  Who knows what tomorrow will be like!  (Okay, I could check the forecast, but it's fun not to know.  Well, sort of fun.)  Besides, it looks like it's clearing up now, so by this afternoon, it could be hot again. It makes me love this time of year.  So anyway, these pictures are from Monday, when I went walking around with my husband.  It was so lovely out! 

And the best part about our walk was that second picture, of the boat blowing all kinds of rocks and pebbles onto the beach.  I always thought these rocky beaches happened naturally, but apparently, they require maintenance.  So those boats go way out into the deep waters, suck up rocks from the ocean floor, and then bring them back to shore where they get blown onto the beach.  Or at least, that's how our friends explained it to me.  If it's wrong, blame them.  Still, it was fun to see.


  1. My Aunt lives in Sommerset and she said that last year, the entire year was cold, wet and rainy! Glad to hear there's sun this year :) I wish I lived in England!!

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