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Monday, May 6, 2013

in the countryside

not my picture. this one is found here... but our countryside looks very similar.

When we lived in London, I used to miss the countryside quite a lot.  (Now I miss London, of course, but that's another matter.) I love being surrounded by open fields and grazing animals.  I love walking through muddy country lanes on Sunday afternoons, and climbing on cliffs by the sea.  Yesterday, Sam and I went for a long walk that basically did just that (except not by the sea this time).  We walked through several fields, over several stiles (my husband's first time using a crossing like that, so he was a bit confused by it at first...ha) and doing our best to avoid the mud.  It was lovely.  There were spring blossoms and gorgeous flowers.  I probably said "oh, I wish I had my camera" about fifty times, because wouldn't it be nice to have some pictures?  We'll just have to go again soon.  The weather yesterday was pretty much perfect, too-- sunny and warm, but not too hot. 

Of course, Saturday was the one day in weeks that we had rain, so our film-viewing picnic was rained out.  Instead, we went to our friend's house, and played on the Wii (which I was terrible at...it was embarrassing, and highly entertaining for my husband) before we had our picnic on the ground in their house instead.  Basically the same thing, right?  We watched Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton version) which was pretty weird, but then, so are the original Alice stories, so...it's unsurprising.  But in any case, we probably had just as much fun as we would have picnicking outside, so overall, it was a pretty great weekend. 

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