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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the long weekend

On Friday, Sam and I flew back to Boston for a quick trip, because he sister was getting married.  The wedding was this morning, and now it's back to England for us, because Sam can't afford to miss any more class.  But it was a perfect weekend, even if it was exhausting.  As rainy and cold as it was when we arrived on Friday, by Sunday, things were clearing up.  Monday was their reception, which occurred before the wedding for logistical reasons...like everyone was free and in town anyway, and it's a holiday.  Plus, she's marrying a guy in the army, so a Memorial Day reception makes sense, doesn't it?  It was gorgeous out, and really the perfect day to sit in the sun.  Not too hot, but still sunny.  It was also fun to get to catch up with some people we haven't seen in a long time, like Sam's brother and sister-in-law.  We also saw several friends, and so it counts as a successful trip. 

Today, we woke up early to get to the wedding ceremony, and afterwards had a family lunch at a nearby restaurant.  I loved actually talking to some people we don't see very often, and the chance to spend time with my husband's family.  So all in all, our Memorial day weekend was great!  (Although I did keep getting Memorial Day and Labor Day confused in my head...as in, which one is which, and what do I call this holiday.  Yikes.) 

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