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Thursday, July 4, 2013

july, july

I had the best weekend.  My mom and my sister were here visiting, and we took a little trip around this part of England, and up to Oxford and the Cotswolds.  It was perfect.  The countryside was gorgeous, the weather was cool and not too rainy, and it was so much fun spending time with both of them.  Actually, while I liked the weather, it does make me laugh.  This is July!  It should be hot and humid and sunny out.  Today is even the Fourth of July, a day reserved for fireworks and parades and BBQs, but all I want to do is curl up in some warm clothes and drink hot chocolate.  It was grey and freezing today.  So we kept laughing -- this is seriously July!?! -- but I secretly love it.  Who wants to be hot and sweaty whenever you step outside?  Who wants to go buy a fan?  Not me.  Keep this cold weather coming, because I love it.

Our trip ended in London and now I'm back home, enjoying the quiet of just me and my husband.  It feels even better after having four people stuck in this small flat.  (Although as my sister said, "this place is huge compared to where you lived last year!"  Which yes...it is.) 

So I'm back, and Happy Fourth!  If you're in America, I hope you enjoyed some sunshine and fireworks for me. 

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  1. sounds like such a good time with your family! your weather over there actually sounds perfect to me! it's so hot and humid over here in california....no fun really. enjoy that rain for me. new follower via the bloglovin' bloghop :)