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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

on the downs

On bright, sunny days, when you venture up onto the downs, it's like a different world.  It's seemingly always windy and foggy and chilly up there, no matter what. As you drive up, it ever so slowly becomes darker and windier and suddenly you realize you can barely see anything because of the fog.

So, fine, it might not always be foggy out on the downs.  Sometimes it is bright and clear, but I'm almost certain it is always windy.  And when it is foggy, it makes it utterly otherworldly up there.  It's silent (except for the wind) and the fog hangs over the valleys.  You can see how someone might accidentally wander over the cliff edge, it's so hard to see.  

It's actually a little frightening going close to the cliff edge.  You're so high up, with nothing to keep you from slipping.  And the wind is so powerful, you worry it might actually knock you over.  Plus, everyone has a story about a dog or child who had that happen to them...it's horrifying...I keep hoping it's all urban legend, but maybe not. 

I love those cliffs.  It's so hard to get a good picture, but they are the most amazing shade of white.  They stand out from everything around them, no matter the weather.  It's the views like this that make living here so worth it. 

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