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Monday, September 16, 2013

rainy weekend

This weekend was the best.  It started off with a date on Friday night, which my husband and I really almost never do.  We went out for Thai food at this restaurant Sam walks by everyday on his way to class, and has been wanting to visit ever since we moved here over a year ago.  And it was delicious.  A lot of the time when we go out to eat, we're like the fastest customers in the restaurant...mostly because we get full quickly, or something, and take home leftovers.  This time we purposely sat and talked for hours, eating slowly, and we even got dessert.  (Which is a first for us.)  The service was really good, and I'd been craving Thai food for weeks, so I was happy.  Then we walked home in the rain and it was perfect.

On Saturday, I went into London to meet up with some friends.  We met at Borough Market, where we wandered around, admiring the bread and fruit and cheese and exotic meat stalls.  Eventually, we got some lunch (they have the most delicious food stalls there selling all different kinds of street food) and stood somewhere dry to eat.  Afterwards, we got hot chocolate (which was really 'drinking chocolate', meaning thick and rich) and sipped it as we wandered around the South Bank.  We eventually made our way to the Tate Modern for some quality art time.  It was so nice to catch up with friends I haven't seen in quite a while, make some fun plans for this winter, and spend time in my very favorite city.  I spent about an hour walking back to the train station after saying goodbye to my friends, and it was so nice and nostalgic.  I would move to London again in a heartbeat, even if it is ridiculously expensive and impractical

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