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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

this week

This week is long and I keep putting off things I know I need to do.  Why do I always do that, especially when the smallest phone call can make me feel like I accomplished something?  I hate phone calls so much, even though, logically, I know that they won't really be that terrible.

This morning, it finally felt a little bit like September.  And then I rushed ahead, thinking of all the things coming up that I'm excited for, like my birthday, my cousin's wedding, my best friend's wedding, and meeting up with another friend soon. 

Then I got a little package in the mail from my cousins.  On my mom's side, my oldest cousin is 12, so I was around when they were born and it is still so weird to me that they are actually growing up.  Anyway, it was full of happy birthday notes and pictures and some bracelets made from rubber bands (I think?).  They almost always send us little things like that (it was book marks and love notes for Valentine's Day, for example).  Getting fun things in the post is one of my favorite things (especially since we usually just get bills). 

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  1. Nothing happens by chance, not even me reading the first sentence of your posts and feeling exactly the same!
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