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Thursday, October 17, 2013

from instagram

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These pictures are pretty much from all over the place: London, my town, visiting friends, etc.  Lately I've been trying to plan out the next few months (like will I go to my cousin's wedding, what are we doing for Christmas, etc) and Sam has been finishing up his semester.  Yesterday, we went for a walk to the library so he could do some research for the project he's submitting next week, but timed it horribly, and got soaking wet.  Then it continued to rain all day and we never really dried off, anyway.  Of course, we came home and warmed up with hot chocolate, and today it is bright and sunny again.  Anyway, I was taking all the pictures off my phone this week (because I'm hoping to get a new one soon) and wanted to share some of my (mostly) recent favorites.  I really love instagram.  (Doesn't everyone?) I recently read this and was a little embarrassed, because I've done a few of those.  But then, as someone commented, it's instagram...what are people expecting to see pictures of? 

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