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Thursday, December 19, 2013

recent happenings

The month of December has passed so quickly.  I can't quite believe it's less than a week til Christmas, then it will be New Year and 2014 and how did that ever happen?  I'm obviously very excited for the holidays.  There's something so perfect about December, even if the past two years, December has been marked by some random stress (that luckily has now passed, meaning we can really enjoy Christmas).

And of course, like in all seasons, I've been enjoying the sea lately.  (Obviously.) It might be my favorite when it's stormy and dark, but we've had our share of bright and sunny days, too.  I guess I'm of the opinion that I can't have too many seaside pictures, because this is what fills up my phone lately:  

My husband's computer died back in November.  He'd been doing his best to keep using it (despite the fact that it couldn't reliably charge or stay plugged in) until last week, it totally failed.  So we decided it was a good thing we hadn't bough each other any Christmas presents yet, and decided to just get a new laptop.  It arrived today, so happy early Christmas to us.  (Hopefully it lasts long than Sam's last computer, which he only got a little over two years ago.)  So now for the rest of December, we'll try to soak up every minute of the holidays.  Today that means finally mailing our cards and wrapping the last of our presents.

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