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Thursday, July 31, 2014

coming up

I've been sort of dreading August for a while now, but suddenly, it's almost here, and maybe it won't be that bad.  Sam finishes up the last of his coursework -- his dissertation -- and has to hand that in two weeks from tomorrow, and at this point, I'm just looking forward to it finally being done.  Plus the fact that he will be finally finished with his university, which has been a bit of a nightmare most of the time.  So I've gone from dreading it to wishing the next two weeks away, because can this thing just be over already?  I can't wait for that rush of relief I'll feel once he hands it in.  It's felt a bit like this cloud that's hung over the whole summer, and once he hands it in, we have plans to enjoy the last of the summer time in England and do things like finally use our theatre passes.  It'll be fun.  So right now I just tell myself - two more weeks, two more weeks... and then we laugh a little at how Sam is really just the worst student ever.  We used to say it would all be worth it once he finished, but we're no longer even sure that's true, but that's another story entirely. 

Yesterday was also a bit of a sad day because one of our Sussex piers caught fire.  It was awful and shocking to see the pictures, and though luckily no one was hurt, a lot of it burned away.  Again it was lucky because most of it is still there, and hopefully they'll be able to rebuild, but it is still a sort of shocking sight. 

On a happier note, the weather has been perfect this week.  Still too hot for me, but cooler than before and nice enough that even I am sort of enjoying summertime.  We had a huge thunderstorm on Monday, with water flooding the street and rain that came pounding down for hours, and it was just the best.  Then it all cleared away and even I enjoyed a little bit of sunshine after that. 

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