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Friday, August 29, 2014

34 weeks

Some thoughts about 34 weeks.  Only 6 more to go, which feels slightly like an eternity, and slightly terrifying that this baby will actually arrive sometime.  I got a scan last week to check growth, and he is still doing fine.  They said he was almost 5 pounds, which sounds huge to me, but apparently puts him in the 38th percentile, so maybe not.  Then they pulled out their fancy 3D equipment to try out, and took some 3D shots, which are terrifying.  They make it seem like we are having the world's ugliest baby, but I think 3D often gives you weird distortion, so I mostly find it funny.  Or we will have a horribly ugly baby, but that's OK, too.  Babies change a lot in their first year, anyway.

The baby also does plenty of kicking, though not so much rolling and jumping around.  He was pretty squished in there, and likes to keep his hands up by his face.  My feet have started swelling a bit at night, which is weird looking but not really that awful yet.  My back hurts sometimes, I get some weird pains, and I've had leg cramps a few times at night, but really, none of these things have been too unbearable yet.  Even in the heat.  Someone I know who is also due in October (though maybe a week earlier than me) had her baby today, so apparently that can happen mostly safely now.  We've practically made it to September, so soon I'll be able to say that I'm having a baby next month.  Except really he could come in September, which I am half-expecting, so my mother says I will now go up to 42 weeks just so he can prove me wrong.  His official due date is 10/10 and that would be an excellent birthday to have, really.

My aunt bought me three new maternity shirts this week.  I may not have much longer than a month left to wear them, but it is so nice to suddenly have some new options in my wardrobe.  I was getting pretty sick of rotating through the same few tops.  I am also hoping for real autumn weather sometime soon, but late August isn't exactly anything other than summer, I know that.

Our crib should be arriving soon (and just needs a new mattress and maybe a paint job) and we need a car seat, and then I'll feel pretty prepared.  The list is getting pretty small, now, and this lucky baby has plenty of family who are looking forward to his arrival and getting to spoil him.

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