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Thursday, August 21, 2014

getting ready

Since I was clearly feeling a bit negative about the whole pregnancy thing after spending all day in hospital last Friday, I've since been doing some preparations that are definitely reminding me that I'm overall pretty happy and excited about this pregnancy.  First up: the hospital bag.  Sam's response to my suggestion that we make a list of things we'll bring to the hospital was that he'd be able to think of them all at the time.  But since any appointment could end with me having a baby (hopefully not for at least another month though), I thought it sounded nice to be prepared.  Plus, putting baby stuff together is exciting when it's your first.  (I can't speak to any other time, obviously.)  

Other people have put together hospital bag packing lists which I read obsessively before putting together my own. Sam even did his best to participate, so we got to have fun conversations like what size baby things do you bring to the hospital (newborn? 0-1 month? 0-3? Tiny baby?) or do we need to pack snacks for Sam? At first we both thought it was funny to be packing snacks, but then we decided it made sense, so onto the list it went. (But what snacks?) (And seriously, what size clothes?)  Now there are two different bags ready to go (one for me, in case I go into hospital for a bit before having the baby and one that is full of baby things) and things got a little more real.  I feel like I've said that a lot, but it's an odd process, realizing that pregnancy will (hopefully) result in even more huge changes for us.  This week has been much better, and I even got a growth scan on Tuesday that showed our baby is getting big.  We got to see his chubby cheeks and find out he's already weighing over 4 pounds.  Hopefully my new medication won't cause any more complications or bad side effects, but at least for this week, everything is OK and we're feeling a bit more prepared.     

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